Casino Bonuses – Best Canadian Online Casino Bonuses

Casinos are popular in various countries. These casinos are split into the land-based and online casinos. The online casinos are steadily becoming the most dominant of these two types of casinos thanks to their accessibility.

With advances in technology providing a boost in the processing power of PCs and mobile devices, the performance of online casinos on these devices have skyrocketed. Playing from home or on the go is a feature many players adore, which is a significant advantage of an online casino.

There are lots of online casinos on the internet, and players need to be able to pick one platform to play on. Assessing the online casino bonus is an excellent way to perform this assessment. However, as beginners, some players have little knowledge about casino bonuses.

Welcome Bonus
Up to $1000
+ 1000 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $100
+ 600 Free Spins on Super Joker
Welcome Bonus
Up to 5000$
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $1000
+ 100 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
Up to $1110
+ 75 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
Up to $1000
+ 125 Free Spins

What is a Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is a form of incentive or reward that a casino gives to players to visit their casinos and play the games they offer. These bonuses vary depending on what the casino intends to achieve. For a casino searching to attract new players, a welcome bonus is available for this purpose.
Casinos that want players to deposit on their platform can offer a deposit bonus, while casinos may also promote a new game by offering free spins on the game. There are other bonus offers that you will learn about in this article.

Why are Casino Bonuses Important?

The casino business is a lucrative business with services that are in demand across the world. This high income is a significant reason why more casinos keep springing up. An increase in the number of casinos leads to stiffer competition in attracting players.
For online casinos, this competition is more pronounced since players are not restricted by distance. All casinos are accessible with a click of a button – if they operate in your location. With this in mind, the unique feature an online casino can offer a player is its bonus offer. The right bonus differentiates an online casino from its competitors, which makes online casinos bonuses so important.

Why Do Canadian Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Canadian casinos offer bonuses for the same reason all other casinos worldwide do – to attract new players and keep their existing players. By offering an exclusive casino bonus, players can assess and compare various casinos based on features other than the games they offer.

Different types of casino bonuses in Canada

There are lots of bonuses available to new customers and existing players. Some of the best casino bonuses are available as one or more of the following types:

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is a common type of bonus you will come across on various online casinos. It is a type of bonus that is available to players that deposit on the casino. Many casinos offer this bonus to players who meet the minimum deposit amount stated on the bonus terms and conditions.

Deposit bonuses are frequently available as welcome bonuses. In providing a deposit bonus to players, a casino will usually offer a match. A typical deposit bonus can offer a match bonus of 50% up to 250 CAD on your first deposit.

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No-Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is a bonus that players can claim without depositing on an online casino. It is the opposite of the deposit bonus but isn’t as common. Since these bonuses translate to free money for a casino player, the conditions attached to these bonuses are often harder to meet.

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Extra Spins / Free Spins

Free spins are bonuses that are commonly available to players for use on new slot games. Although this bonus is open to both new and existing players, it is easier to find a casino offering this bonus to its existing players. Some casinos may issue these extra spins to players as a sign-up bonus to attract them to their platform.

Free spins are available as deposit and no-deposit bonuses, depending on the casino offering the bonus. It may also be available as a wager-free bonus or one with a wagering requirement. Assessing this casino bonus based on these features can help you pick the best free spin offer.

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Loyalty Bonuses & VIP Bonus

Most online casinos offer their services to many players, but this doesn’t mean they don’t recognize their core members. The VIP or Loyalty bonus is one method online casinos use to encourage these loyal members. Players often have access to a loyalty/VIP program set up by the casino to determine their rewards.

Progression through various levels of the program is dependent on certain conditions. Most platforms have loyalty points that players can earn by depositing on the casino. These points determine player standings in the loyalty program. With a higher VIP level, players can access improved features and bonuses on the casino.

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A Cashback Bonus on an online casino is a unique bonus that gives players back a percentage of their losses. Since online casino games are games of chance, it is common for players to lose all their deposits without a win. Online casinos help these players through the Cashback Bonus. Most casinos offer this bonus to high rollers, while others make it open to all players on the platform.

The percentage Cashback isn’t a very high value, and some casinos may offer 5% or 10% to their players. It is commonly run as a weekly promotion on many online casinos.

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High roller bonuses

Certain casinos choose to offer bonuses based on how much a player is willing to deposit. These platforms may choose to offer exclusive rewards to the high rollers – players that deposit a high amount of money on the casino. For example, a player depositing 2,000CAD isn’t a common occurrence, so casinos instantly categorize such players as VIPs with access to unique bonuses. Each casino will have special requirements for players to be eligible for high roller bonuses, so you need to go through the casino requirements.

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Free Cash

Casino bonuses are sometimes in the form of free cash. These are often available as no deposit casino bonuses, but may be difficult to find. A significant benefit of free cash is that you can use them on any casino games. You can play slots, table games, poker, and other casino games with this bonus.

Which casinos offer the best welcome bonuses in Canada?

To help you out on your quest to find the best online casino bonuses, here are some casinos that offer the best welcome package in Canada, and what to expect from these bonuses:

The exclusive welcome package on this casino includes bonus funds and free spins that players can claim over the first four deposits on the platform. The first deposit gets you a 100% match up to 100CAD and 1000 bonus free spins on Vampires Vs Wolves. The second deposit gets you a 25% match up to 500CAD, while the third deposit is a 50% match up to 300CAD. The fourth and final deposit is a 100% match up to 100CAD. You can find the deposit code for these bonuses on the casino.

Welcome Bonus
Up to $1000
+ 1000 Free Spins

Nitro Casino

Nitro Casino is a well-designed platform with excellent features that make it the proper pitstop for many casino lovers.

There is a weekly promotion on the casino to give players something to look forward to every week. This promotion is open to individuals who deposit and play through $200 on Sunday. Players who complete this requirement will wake up to 300 Free Spins on Book of Tut and John Hunter.

A Daily Bonus promotion is also available, and this grants a bonus to players that make their daily deposit on the casino platform. This is a means through which the casino rewards players who show loyalty and consistency on the platform.

Welcome Bonus
Up to 5000$

Just Spin

The welcome package on Just Spin casino is spread over the first four deposits of a player on the casino. The first deposit is a 100% match bonus with 500 free spins on Super Joker; the second, third, and fourth deposits are match bonuses of 50%, 50%, and 100%, respectively. You can activate these bonuses with casino bonus codes stated on the casino site.

Welcome Bonus
100% up to $100
+ 600 Free Spins on Super Joker


Nomini offers players seven welcome offers, which makes it unique. There is an offer of up to 1500CAD over your first three deposits. Another package offers a 10% cashback of up to 300CAD. A third package enables players to get up to 500 deposit bonuses free spins at the rate of 1 free spin for 1.5CAD. This gives you the option to get bonus 150 free spins, bonus 200 free spins, or any number of free spins up to 500 on the casino.

Welcome Bonus
100% up to $1000
+ 100 Free Spins

True Flip

True Flip offers an excellent welcome offer that is spread over the first four deposits on the casino. The first deposit is a 150% match bonus of 450 CAD and 50 bonus spins on Book of Dead. The second and third deposits are 50% and 75% match bonuses up to 600CAD and 450CAD. The fourth deposit gets you 100 free spins bonus on Sunstrike.

Welcome Bonus
Up to $1110
+ 75 Free Spins

Vulkan Vegas

This casino has a welcome offer that provides up to 1,000CAD and 125 bonus spins. The bonus is spread over the first and second deposit on the casino platform. 

Remember, the various welcome offers stated above have a minimum deposit that you must

Welcome Bonus
Up to $1000
+ 125 Free Spins

How to choose the best casino bonus in Canada?

  1. Read our online casino bonus guide:

    Our casino bonus guide contains helpful information on the various types of bonuses you can find on online casinos, terms and conditions, FAQs, and more. To simplify the process, we also provide some excellent online casinos with mouthwatering bonuses. Our experts have assessed these casinos to ensure they are reliable and safe for players to visit.

  2. Compare the available online casinos, the bonuses they offer and read the terms and conditions:

    To stand out from its competitors, each casino must make its bonus offer unique and attractive. Going through bonus type, bonus amount, free spins, and a minimum deposit of each bonus and comparing them is the only way to pick the best bonus. You must pay attention to the terms and conditions to avoid choosing the wrong bonus.

  3. Sign up and get involved:

    A casino only recognizes a player when they sign up on the platform. On some online casinos, registering on the platform grants you access to other essential features such as the live chat, demo, and more. Remember, you should only take this step after assessing the casino and comparing its offers to those from other casinos.

  4. Make your first deposit:

    A deposit bonus is usually available after you make your first deposit on the casino. Ensure your deposit amount is equal to or higher than the minimum requirement of the casino and go through the terms and conditions to determine if the bonus is restricted to a specific payment option. These are conditions that cause players to miss out on bonuses.

  5. Start playing:

    You’ve done your research, gone through the terms and conditions, made your deposit, and claimed your bonus. The final step is to start playing your favourite casino games. Casino bonuses usually have a time limit, so you don’t have time to waste. Select a game that contributes towards the wagering requirement of the bonus, launch it, and have fun. 

Important factors to consider while choosing a casino bonus

The factors you need to consider when picking a bonus on a Canadian casino is available in the casino bonus terms/conditions. The most common terms and conditions you will find on casino sites include the following:

Cash Out Limits 

The best online casino bonuses may appear as deposit or no-deposit bonuses, and some of these may be free cash. When a casino decides to give a bonus, a beginner casino player may assume that the casino is losing money on these bonuses. However, there are several ways the casino minimizes its losses, and the cash-out limit is a standard method.
The cash-out limit refers to the maximum amount a casino allows players to withdraw as bonus winnings. It is unlike the withdrawal limit that places a cap on the maximum amount you can withdraw at once, daily, or in a week. Since the bonus is free money and the bets don’t add to the prize pool of the casino, this limit ensures that bonus withdrawals by players are within an amount the casino can handle.
Despite the usefulness of the cash-out limit to online casinos, many casinos offer bonuses with no winning caps. These are the bonuses you need to look out for when searching for the best.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements on online casinos are well-known among veteran casino players. It is a condition that is quite common, although some casinos are shifting to no-wagering bonuses to attract more players.
A wagering requirement may also be stated as the playthrough requirement of a bonus. It is the amount a player needs to wager on a casino for the bonus money to become available for withdrawal.
Different casinos offer varying wagering requirements, with some being more realistic than others. A casino may advertise its bonus as a 100% match up to 500CAD, 25x wagering requirement. It means that a player who gets a 500CAD bonus must wager 12,500CAD (500*25) for the bonus to become available for withdrawal.
Some casinos make the process more difficult for players by including their initial deposit to the bonus fund. For the bonus above, you will need to wager 25,000CAD (i.e. (500CAD + 500CAD) * 25).
On most online casinos, the higher the bonus fund, the higher the wagering requirement. The difficulty in meeting wagering requirements is what makes the no-wager bonuses special to players. Therefore, if you do find one, do your best to make the most of it.

Game Weighting Restrictions

To meet the wagering requirements of a casino, you need to consider the game weighting restrictions. It is also known as the game contribution. On various casinos, the game weighting restrictions differ.
The game weighting refers to the percentage a casino game contributes towards the wagering requirement. For example, a game like Blackjack might have a 5% contribution, while slots may have a 100% contribution towards the wagering requirement. For a bonus with a 1000CAD wagering requirement, placing a bet of 100CAD on Blackjack will reduce your wagering requirement by 5CAD to 995CAD. On the other hand, a 100CAD bet on a slot game will reduce the requirement by 100CAD to 900CAD.
In general, online casinos place more weight on games with a higher house edge, while those with a low house edge have a much lower weight. Games like roulette, Blackjack, and craps often have a low weight due to the possibility of players maintaining a house edge of less than 1%.
To meet your wagering requirement with ease, learn the game weighting restrictions of the casino, and focus on games that have a higher contribution.

Time Limits

Some online casinos may have wagering requirements that seem realistic, but one way they try to outsmart players is through a time limit. Therefore, you must read and understand the terms and conditions of a bonus you intend to claim.
The time limit on a casino bonus is the period within which you must meet the wagering requirement set by the casino. The time limit is also the expiration period of the bonus, so if this time elapses, the bonus expires. Players who don’t meet the requirement before the bonus expires lose the bonus funds and bonus winnings.
Some of the best online casinos place a time limit of up to 30 days on their welcome package. Most common bonuses have a time limit of seven days or less.

Game Restrictions

So, you’ve come across an excellent casino bonus with a decent wagering requirement and a realistic time limit. Something to remember is the fact that bonuses can also have game restrictions. On most casinos, players are allowed to play slot games with bonus funds.
The issue with game restrictions is noticeable among players who want to play anything but these slot titles. Blackjack, roulette, video poker, and many other categories are often not accessible with a casino bonus. On other casinos that support these games, their contributions are much lower – 10%, 15%, and so on.
With a wagering requirement and time limit on your bonus, you don’t want to waste time playing games that don’t count towards meeting the requirement.

Payment Method Restrictions

Online casinos love players that ignore the bonus terms and conditions. How else do you learn that a bonus is deposit-specific without reading the terms?
There are several reasons why specific bonuses are unavailable to players using other payment methods than those specified on the casino. A common reason why casinos restrict some payment options is the inability to authenticate or verify the players’ information.
Online casinos can meet the Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations set by regulatory bodies with payment options like bank cards or bank accounts. Deposit options that are often restricted for this reason are e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Each casino will have its restricted deposit option, so don’t assume you know the right option to use.
Some casinos may also run payment-specific bonuses such as Bitcoin slot bonuses on their platform. For such bonuses, deposits made via bank cards don’t make you eligible to claim the bonus.

Casino Offers and Promotions

Every online casino is always working on providing the best offers and promotions to attract new players and keep existing players happy. You can use this to your advantage by paying attention to the latest casino bonuses.
Searching for the latest offers every new month can be tasking, which is why we maintain a list of top casino offers and promotions for each month. You can avoid missing out on the best deals by visiting our page regularly for information on these offers.

FAQ’s about casino bonuses in Canada

Do I need a promo code to claim a welcome bonus at online casinos?

It depends on the casino. Most online casinos offer excellent welcome bonuses to players without promo codes, while others require a promo code. For casinos requiring a promo code, the code is stated on the advert or available on an affiliate site.

Can I play live dealer games with my casino bonus?

You can play live dealer games with specific bonuses. Typical bonuses, such as the welcome offer, usually don’t support live casino games. You can go through the casino’s promotions page to find out about offers for live dealer games.

Can I cancel my bonus?

Most casinos give players an option to cancel their bonus. It can be via the casino website, email, or live chat. For bonuses that you cannot cancel, the casino can still cancel the bonus if they suspect a player is abusing the bonus.

Can I win real money with a bonus?

Yes, you can. Online casinos offer cashable bonuses to players that are available when you meet the wagering requirement.

Can I use my casino bonus on mobile?

Yes, you can. Many online casinos also offer unique bonuses to players that visit their mobile casino, so don’t forget to check out these options.

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

Yes, the bonuses are worth it. These bonuses grant players an opportunity to win free money and try out games without the fear of losing real money.

Are my bonus winnings taxed?

For players in Canada, winnings from online casinos aren’t taxed – unless you’re a professional player. Hence, you don’t need to pay taxes on your bonus winnings. This is because gambling isn’t considered a constant source of income or a business for the regular casino player.