Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2023

Everyone loves bonuses, and online casinos in Canada are aware of this fact. And for this reason, they make an effort to provide different types of bonus offers for players. This is their way of getting them to register and play on their platform while players get free stuff.

One of the most highly sought-after bonuses in Canada are no deposit bonuses. This is because they allow players to play casino games and win real money without making any deposit. But even though the no deposit bonuses are extremely popular, not many people understand how they work. And if this is the case with you, it can be challenging to get the best out of these bonuses and win big.

For this reason, we will be showing you everything you need to know about no deposit bonuses. These include how they work, the various types of no deposit bonuses, and other essential details.

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How Does A No Deposit Bonus Work?

The no deposit bonus works in a simple manner. When a player registers on an online casino offering this bonus, he/she is offered some bonus cash to play games for free. This is the case even if they do not deposit any money.
As stated earlier, online casinos do this to get players to register and play on their websites. This brings more business for the online casino and allows the player to enjoy games for free.
Sometimes, the online casino will provide players with a deposit bonus code which they must input after registration. Once they do this, they automatically get credited with the bonus funds in their casino account to play their favourite games.
These bonuses tend to come with some wagering requirements and are not in substantial amounts. But it is an excellent way for players to try out a new slot game or online casino.

What Is the Registration Process to Get Your No Deposit Casino Bonus?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

The registration process for getting the best no deposit bonus in gambling sites is no different from the typical process. To do this, the steps below might help:

  1. Find a trusted no deposit casino:

    The first step is to find a reliable no deposit casino. Since online casinos are aware that it is a great way to get players to sign-up, some shady casinos may take advantage. Therefore, it is crucial to consider aspects like licensing, payment options, software providers, etc. before choosing a casino. This will help you determine if the casino is reliable or not. You can also check out our extensive casino reviews for the best online casinos to play in.

  2. Sign up:

    Next, you need to register in the casino. This will mean providing your email, phone number, name, etc. Once you are through with this step, you are usually credited your bonus.

  3. Input your bonus code:

    You may need to input your bonus code if you don’t get your no deposit bonus after the sign-up process. This is usually sent as an email or visible on the promotions page of the casino. Once you input it, you should see your bonus.

  4. Start playing!

    Finally, you can choose your favourite casino game and start playing for free!

What Are the Terms and Conditions for No Deposit Bonus Codes in Canada?

No deposit bonuses let you play casino games for free using free cash. However, these no deposit codes tend to come with terms and conditions that govern their use. If you are serious about getting the best from your no deposit bonus offer, you must understand these terms.

Here are some of the most common to expect:

Wagering Requirements

This is the number of times you will need to wager the no deposit bonus cash and the attached earnings before you can withdraw. For instance, if a no deposit bonus of C$200 comes attached with a 20x wagering requirement, it means you will need to wager it 20 times (200 x 20 = C$4000). Therefore, you need to check the wagering requirement to ensure it is possible to attain before accepting the bonus.
Game Contribution Percentages and Eligibility
When it comes to no deposit bonuses, all games do not contribute the same way towards fulfilling the wagering requirements. In most cases, slot games contribute 100%, while some table games may contribute 25% or less. Other games like live dealer games and roulette may not contribute towards it. It is important to note the eligible games, so you don’t waste time playing ineligible games.

Max Withdrawal Limits

This rule restricts the amount of cash you can withdraw from the winnings you get from a bonus. If you win a figure that is higher than the value, it will be impossible to withdraw or use it. For instance, if there is a max withdrawal cap of C$400, and you win C$1000, you will only be able to withdraw C$ 400 and forfeit the remaining C$600.

Bonus Validity

Online casinos always attach a validity period to no deposit bonuses. This means you need to use the bonus before the validity period or it expires. The validity period is not the same in all casinos as some may offer seven days, and others 30 days. Make sure you note the due date, as if you fail to use it, you will forgo the bonus along with any winnings you may have attained. This can be a very frustrating experience for anyone.

Is It Worth Taking Up an Online Casino No Deposit Bonus?

If you find the right online casino deposit free spins offer, it is worth claiming the bonus. The no deposit bonus is extremely popular today because lots of players know the value it offers. But if you are still wondering if this bonus is right for you, here are a few reasons you should claim it:

You Don’t Deposit Money!

This is the most obvious reason you should claim a no deposit bonus. It is free! You don’t need to spend any money to get the no deposit bonus and use it to play real money games.

You Can Win Real Cash!

The no deposit bonus is fantastic because even though you don’t deposit any money, you can play real money games—these range from slots, table games, etc. And if you manage to win, you stand a chance to win money, which you can cash out or use to play even more games. Also, if you lose, you don’t lose anything since it was free cash anyway.

You Can Try Out Different Games!

Another reason why you should claim no deposit bonuses is that they allow you to play different titles. These include new and popular titles that you may not have originally played if you had to pay money from your pocket.

It Is A Great Way to Try Out A Casino!

Presuming you come across a new online casino, a no deposit bonus can be a great way to test the waters. The best part is that you do this at no risk, and if you are not satisfied with your findings, you can move on. This would not have been possible if you invested money from your pocket.

Different Types of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

There are different forms of no deposit bonuses, and each one of them works differently. It is crucial to understand each of them and how they work so you can get the best out of them. Below, we have covered some of the most popular types of no deposit casino bonuses available in gambling sites today.

Free Cash

As the name implies, this is a no deposit bonus where the online deposits free cash into a player’s account after registration. Then he\she can then use the free bonus cash to play a variety of games. The cash is usually a small amount (usually around 10 CAD) which the player can use to try a few games and explore the casino site.

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Free Spins

Free spins are the most common form of no deposit casino bonuses, and it applies to slot games. Players who get this type of free casino bonus will be given free spins, which they can use to play on slot machines. The terms and conditions will sometimes state the slot on which the players can use the free spin. This usually depends on the online casino as some will allow you to decide the slot game to play.

Most times, online casinos use this type of free casino offer to promote new slot games. For example, an online casino trying to promote its new slot game will inform its players that free spins are available to play that game. Free spins are often worth about C$ 0.10 each. A player’s winning from using free spins is usually added into their account after being converted into bonus cash. Players must then follow the bonus conditions set by the casino so they will be able to cash their earnings.

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Free Play

Free play no deposit bonus is similar to free spins, although not as common. It is sometimes called ‘Free Time’ bonuses as it deals with time. The major difference between free play and free spins is that the players will have to use the no deposit free play bonus they have been given within the stipulated time (ranging from minutes to an hour or even longer).

Players must use the free chips/credits given to them to win money within the allotted time. And when they are done, they will need to fulfil specific wagering requirements before withdrawing earnings. Some players have trouble meeting the wagering requirements and end up not being allowed to withdraw earnings. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before you accept a bonus, so this does not happen to you.

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Mobile Exclusive

Casinos use this form of no deposit bonus to get players to engage better with their mobile site. Sometimes, it could be through a new slot title or game release on their casino app or mobile site. You might wonder how this works. Casinos offer mobile-exclusive bonuses to their players in the form of playtime, free spins, or cash as rewards when they sign up on the casino site via mobile devices.

A mobile exclusive bonus is solely available to players who play on the mobile platform using their smartphones and tablets. This is a great bonus for players in Canada who like to play on the go.

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Cashback Bonus

Some gambling websites offer no deposit cashback bonuses to their players as a gesture of goodwill. Cashback implies that a player is compensated with a little money after losing on the site. This bonus type is meant to encourage the player to bet more after incurring a huge loss. You can see it as a form of insurance as the online casino reimburses you for losses.

However, this is usually capped at a specific amount. For instance, a casino may offer a 100% no deposit cashback bonus of up to C$200. This means if you lose more than C$200, you will only get the bonus on that amount while the extra losses will be forfeited.

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Live Casino Bonus

Live casino free no deposit bonuses are exclusive for players who play live dealer games. These deposit promotions are available in a handful of online casinos in Canada. Live bonus offers are often given to new casino players to use on their preferred live table games. This no deposit bonus could come in free cash or free credits and is limited to live games. Players who enjoy the realistic nature of live games will enjoy playing with this bonus.

Advantages of Using No Deposit Casino Bonus

The major benefit of a no deposit casino bonus is that it allows players to bet without the need to make a deposit. Also, with deposit casino bonuses, a player can add more cash and make larger bets than they typically would, this winning big.
Players in Canada can also use a no deposit bonus to test a new casino and its games without the risk of losing money. The benefits of this bonus are enormous, and it makes sense to use it.
Nonetheless, it is still crucial to understand the pros and cons of this bonus so you can compare and decide if it is right for you. Let us look at each below.

Pros to No Deposit Bonuses:

  • You can play to win money with no deposit.
  • There are several amazing varieties for different play styles
  • The bonuses can be used via different payment methods or mobile platforms
  • Banking information is not required to get a bonus
  • New players can use no deposit casino bonuses to play games and learn the ropes before investing money
  • It can be used to discover new online casinos
  • It is a great way to play games for fun

Cons to No Deposit Bonuses:

  • It is only available to new players
  • It is only available for a limited period
  • Sometimes comes with strict terms and conditions, e.g. withdrawal and wagering limits.

FAQ’s about No Deposit Bonus Codes in Canada

Even after going through all the information provided in this guide, you may still have some questions. Not to worry, as this is not uncommon. To help you with this, our experts have put together the frequently asked questions which people ask about no deposit bonuses in Canada. We have tried to make our answers as simple as possible, so read on to learn more.

Why do Casinos Offer a No Deposit Bonus?

Casinos in Canada offer a no deposit bonus to new players to attract them to their casino. Although it might seem like the gambling sites are losing out by offering a bonus to players without receiving deposits, they gain more customers instead. This is because when players visit casino sites because of this bonus, they end up staying and playing real money games.

What kinds of No Deposit Bonuses are there?

There are different types of No Deposit Bonus offers in Canada, including Cashbacks, Free Spins, Free Cash, and Free Play, among others. Almost all of them are similar because they allow players to play and win money without making a deposit. But it is crucial to understand how each of them works so you can get the best results.

Can I get a No Deposit Bonus more than once?

Yes, you can. However, this is not possible in the same casino. If you register in different no deposit casinos, you will get no deposit bonuses for each. This is because all online gambling platforms are different and have specific bonus offers.

Can I withdraw winnings from using a no deposit casino bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw your winnings when you use a no deposit casino bonus but not immediately. You will be required to meet the wagering requirements attached to the bonus before you can make withdrawals. If you fail to do this, it will be impossible to withdraw your bonus earnings.

Where can I find the best Canadian online casinos with no deposit bonus?

There are tons of casinos offering no deposit bonuses. However, if you want the best bonuses, you need to go through our list of recommended no deposit casinos. These casinos have been appropriately vetted by experts and have the best bonuses and requirements.

Who is eligible for a Canadian online casino no deposit bonus?

Every new player within the valid gambling age is eligible for a no deposit bonus. Once you sign up and create an account with the casino, you become eligible to get the bonus when you play at the casino. The bonus is primarily available to new players; however, existing players can also get no deposit bonus offers

When I register an account, how soon do I have to claim the online casino Canada no deposit bonus?

As a new player, you can begin to use the no deposit bonus once you are done with your registration details. In some cases, you may be required to input a bonus code. But regardless of the option you go with; you claim your bonus immediately.